Orthodontics (Braces)

Are you aware of how much impact your child’s breathing mode has on their facial growth?

Did you know that roof of your mouth is the house for your tongue?

Did you know that “my mouth is too small for all of my teeth” is a commonly misunderstood idea?

Everyone thinks about the teeth first when it comes to crooked teeth, however, the real problems may lie in the foundation (jaws). The way our teeth are positioned is guided by how our jaws develop. And if our jaws do not develop to their genetic potential, there may be not enough room for the teeth.

At Barkly Street Dental, we use ControlledArch® Orthodontic technique to develop the jaws to their beautiful genetic potential. The teeth then can be aligned to create balanced faces and beautiful lasting smiles.

Whether you are a child or an adult, it is never too late to start exploring how orthodontic treatment can help you smile with confidence.

For parents, it is never too early to bring your child in to get assessment on how their face and teeth are developing.

If you are interested in orthodontics, please call us to arrange a consultation so we can discuss your options.