Grinding/Snoring/Sleep Apnoea


Have you been told you grind your teeth at night?

Grinding teeth while you sleep is damaging to your teeth. Grinding teeth at night time may also cause occasional jaw pain or headache when you wake up. Also, people who grind their teeth at night time seem to have a poorer quality of sleep. Grinding teeth while you sleep may also be a clue to a more serious problem; Sleep Disordered Breathing (breathing difficulty during sleep).

Have you been told you are snoring?

Have you noticed your partner is snoring?

Snoring is often regarded as being “normal”. Snoring may be more of a disruption to the partner’s sleep than the snorer. But, snoring may also be a clue to a much more serious problem; Sleep Apnoea.

If you have sleep apnoea, your airway is closing off repetitively while you sleep. When your airway closes off, you can’t breathe and you are suffocating in your sleep.

Up to 80% of people with sleep apnoea do not know that they have it. And untreated sleep apnoea has significant health consequences. The most serious damage is to the heart and blood vessels. People with sleep apnoea are at high risk of sudden death from heart attack or stroke.

It is important to have a test to rule out sleep apnoea if you snore or experience unrefreshing sleep.

At Barkly Street Dental, we can organise sleep screening test that can be done at your home.

Prevention and treatment is much better option compared to consequences.